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Mark Vician

"Marriage is the union and bonding of two people into a life-long partnership - a partnership that provides them with companionship, support, and a chance to grow together in love. This special union officially begins on your wedding day.

I have been witness to many marriages throughout my life and can fondly recall these beginnings that each couple experienced. Wedding days are full of excitement, anticipation and joy. They are the time to celebrate your commitment to your partner in the most truly public of ways - in front of friends and family. A wedding is also a special day that you create together, and it belongs to no one else. It is my honor and privilege to be a part of that, to unite two people as one as they celebrate their love and commitment."


Mark has worked for most of his career in professional event management and holds degrees in communications and pastoral studies. While he is not a minister or religious officiant, his background in both public events as well as church events gives him the well-rounded ability to address all varieties of crowds and to accurately represent a wide range of couples.

In his personal life, Mark enjoys simple things like reading, cooking, and dinner parties with friends and family.