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Kathy King

"As a wedding officiant, I know that it’s all about love. My hope is that all the weddings I perform will encourage each happy couple to grow with each other within the actions of commitment, trust and love. After all, weddings are about marriage, and marriage is all about love. Everyone is entitled to celebrate their happy day in their own unique way.

I feel that weddings are a joining of two families, the creation of a dynamic duo. A couple's wedding day is the genesis, the blooming of strength, softness, joy, and the ever expanding power of love. I will work to make the wedding ceremony an event that positively presents the acknowledgement of the couple's hope for tomorrow presented for the community to bless and celebrate.

My goal is to participate in your most important event with thoughtfulness, kindness and genuine appreciation for the beginning of your new life together."


Kathy is a teacher, poet, writer and artist. She is very community-oriented having volunteered for several nonprofit organizations that help provide free or low-cost food to children and families, community education initiatives and community clean up events. She has also worked as a tutor, instructor and parenting workshop developer, presenter and emcee.